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遊戲人數 : 3-5

適合年齡 : 12歲以上

遊戲時間 : 90分鐘

遊戲設計 : Joël Boutteville

語言版本 : 英文


In 1286, Alexander III, King of Scotland, died of a fall from a horse. The Scottish lords declared his little daughter Margaret, 4 years old, Queen of Scots. Because of her age was too young, the Lords put up a regency, the Guardians of Scotland for the administration of the kingdom until Margaret was old enough to reign.

Gathered in a meeting in Edinburgh Castle, with the referee King Edward 1st of England, the major Scottish clans would used their influence to get the honorary title of Regent, also known as "Guardian of the kingdom."

REGENTS is a placement game / majority where he must win the points of influence in areas key to the kingdom (political, military, religious, financial and trade). In addition play "ACTION" cards and make the ambience of the conspiracy.



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