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遊戲人數 : 2-6

適合年齡 : 6歲以上

遊戲時間 : 30分鐘

遊戲設計 : Ivan Kokic

語言版本 : 英文

Uskoci were a historical pirate band in the 16th century who lived and prospered by being a nuisance for much more powerful opponents, but never on such a scale to provoke full-scale retaliation. Uskoci is a card game of Croatian pirates takes that idea of heart as players need to demonstrate both their skill as a pirate and restraint comparable to the historical Uskoci to prove the best captain among your peers.

In the basic game, players must combine treasures (valued 1-9) on their pile until they total exactly 25; what makes this difficult are the 14 event cards (Venetians, traitors, storms) that can mess with a player's plans or change the value of a treasure, but thankfully they can also protect you. The more complex game adds card drafting to the mix, with the player who has the least treasure on the table drafting the most cards.





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