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遊戲人數 : 3-5

適合年齡 : 6歲以上

遊戲時間 : 30分鐘

遊戲設計 : Filip Milunski

語言版本 : 英文


In Mare Balticum each player takes the role of a captain of a fleet of fishing boats. Your task is to catch fish in the choppy waters of the Baltic Sea. The player should desire which fish should try to catch e.g. noble salmon, delicious cod, schools of herring, or perhaps the flounders deep in the mud. May be you need to forget about the stinking fish business and focus on collecting beautiful Baltic amber from the water. Whatever decision is taken, captains must also deliver goods to appropriate ports and sell them. Whoever most effectively handles the task and makes a fortune before winter comes and freezes the Baltic waters will be the winner!


內含規則說明書 (英文)





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